Monday, April 18, 2011

Photography In the Light - Life - Kid Sushi

Kid Sushi : Aka a Playdate and Lunch for My Favorite Kiddos

 Noa has a best friend.  His name is Asher.  Noa talks about Asher, asks for Asher, or "writes" about Asher daily.  Unfortunately for Noa, but fortunately for Asher's mom, Asher just started napping again.  This means that, often, Asher is napping right around the time Noa is starting to wear me out with constant playtime and is hankering for a friend to come over.  You can imagine my delight, than, when I found out that, for Asher, naps are optional and that he was still "allowed" to spend the afternoon wide awake and playing with us. 

So, we had Asher over for a few hours today so his mom could get a mini-break and so I could get a mega-break.  For lunch, Noa requested his favorite - kid sushi.  This is the #1 kid pleasing lunch in our house.  Its easy (but somewhat time consuming) to make:
- Take out 3 pieces of bread
- Cut off crusts (we dont usually do this, but you need to for this creation)
- Use rolling pin and flatten bread
-Spread whatever you want on top (we like PB and Nutella)
- Cut each piece into three strips
- Roll em up
- Serve to happy kiddos

 Noa and Asher, in thier favorite outfits, post-swim and pre-mud puddle mess.  The blue bin to the right of the picture is Noas outdoor "shower."  He likes to stand in it while we spray him with the hose.

 Cutie pie Asher.  It's funny, six months ago Noa and Asher were like fire and gasoline.  Now they are BFF's....amazing what difference 6 months makes, cognitively, in toddlers.

 Love this...full mouths and arms

 Posing, as usual...I dont know who he gets it from  **insert sarcastic wink**

And, Austin's weekend resulted in this chicken coop.  Not bad for a bunch of scrap wood and twenty bucks.  Gotta love a handy man.