Monday, March 21, 2011

Photography In the Light - Bumps - Ally Rose


   Ally  is the first new face I met upon moving to Elizabeth City.  We were at a playgroup, and I knew immediately that we would be friends.  At the time, she had a tiny two week old and a rambunctious almost-two year.  Our sons were about 8 months apart, and we started hanging out and getting to know each other.
Since then, Ally has become an indispensable friend and our boys just adore each other.  This is Ally's third pregnancy and the first time she has opted not to find out the sex of the baby.  It has been fun playing the guessing game and dreaming about who it is hiding out in that adorable belly of hers. 
   Ally's birthday was last week, so we spent the day shopping, hanging out, and enjoying some girl time.  My birthday gift to her was this photo session and I knew that we would have a blast because shes so photogenic and fun to be around. 
   For this session, we drove to the Ghent district in Norfolk.  Ghent has a bunch of BEAUTIFUL old homes and its right on the river, so I knew it would make an excellent backdrop for her photos.  Sometimes its nice to get out of Elizabeth City and try new locations. 

I love to find unexpected pockets of color.  These yellow bushes are all over the place right now.

 There really is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman, at least in my opinion. 
Ally has pretty rough pregnancys, but through it all, she is so optimistic, upbeat, and
happy.  This time around she was chasing two toddlers on top of being pregnant,
 but she still managed to keep things running smoothly. 

We shot these pictures around 6 pm.  This time of year, the light between 6:00 and 6:45-ish is just
to die for.  Initially, I was kinda bummed about that big building in the background, but now I like
the colors it reflected onto the water.


I cant help but think she looks 15 years old in this picture.  I know thats bad, being she pregnant
and all, but she is just such a tiny thing.  This is my favorite shot from the session.

 A bunch of people have asked me how I edited this shot.  I wont go into detail, but I took a picture
of the concrete and superimposed it over the original shot at a lower opacity.  I love the effect.

 The mamma to be, again.

 I think blue.


  1. I love them all. Your friendship has been one of the greatest gifts! Thank you so much for these photos, I will treasure them.

  2. Sweetness! I am so blessed by both of you :)