Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photography In the Light - Lifestyles - The Guinn's


  See me digging up old sessions here.  These pictures are a couple of years old, but I found them on my hard drive and wanted to put them here.  These are friends of ours from Hawaii.  Sam had acquired this vintage board, and the concept came to life from there.  A few retro swimsuits, accessories, and the aforementioned board, and we were off to the races, so to speak.
    For a location, we chose a secluded cove on the west side of the island at Ko Olina.  It took a bit of rock "maneuvering" to get the board over to the cove, but it was the perfect spot for these shots.  When I think back at all the photo sessions I've done (Over 70 now!) this stands out in the top 3, for sure.  It was so much fun, both of them are extremely photogenic, and its in one of my favorite places in the world. 

The happy couple.  Christa did her own hair for this shoot, and it fit the theme perfectly.
They had been married less than two years at this point, and were still basking in the love glow. 
I think they will always be that way, though.

Looking at these makes me wish that I could go back in time and do the session again, having
learned as much as I have over the last two years.  However, I think a big part of photography
is being confident on the knowledge you have while still aiming to improve every time you do a photo
session.  These pictures, technically wrong as they may be, are still favorites.

Reminds me of a vintage post card.  Sam had done some modeling before
and Christa is just a natural beauty; they were so easy to shoot.

I think this is what Oahu looked like 50 years ago.  Minus the technicolor.

Black and white conversions are harder than most people think.  I didnt know this
at the time, and I cringe a bit looking at how I processed these shots.  It's more than just
desaturating, or changing the gradient map.  Brightness, contrast, levels, hue and saturation,
a good B&W conversion takes awhile to get right.

 Vintage editing is a whole 'nother thing too. 

I <3 backlighting.......

The beautiful Christa herself.  She's due to have a baby any. day. now.  I wish I
could have been there to do maternity portraits for her and take pictures of her
sweet little son, Shepherd.

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