Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photography In the Light - Seniors - Janna Ellinwood

 Most photographers, when asked, will admit that they prefer a specific type of photo session.  Personally, I enjoy photographing adults.  It's not that I don't like doing family session or photographing children, I just enjoy the flexibility that comes with working with a subject who can, a) take directions, b) stand still, and
 c) who, generally, wants to be photograhed.  In that vein, I was more than happy to do a senior photo session for Janna.  Not only is she just beautiful inside and out, she is so photogenic
and uplifting to be around.

The location that I used for this session is one of my favorites; an abandoned house that is just begging to be photographed.  I have done sessions here in all seasons and for all purposes and I still
enjoy each time I get to shoot here.  Maybe sometime I will do a post of all the different sessions
I have done at this location. 

I have made no secret of my affinity for blue eyes.  As soon as I saw Janna, I knew we were going to have fun.  Her eyes just drank in the light and photographed beautifully.

 When I first opened this picture on my computer, I was a bit taken aback.  It was almost erie, in a haunting way, like a little girl who had just set her house on fire.  After editing it, and staring at it for 10 minutes, it grew on me and I really like it now.  It's still a bit freaky, but in a good way, I think.

 Love her facial bone structure in this shot.  If you are a photog, you will immediately know what I mean.  If you are not, you will think im weird and looking too far into things.

 Accessories really do make the shot.  If I ever do a photo session for you, do me a favor and bring lots of accessories....hats, scarves, jewelry, cute shoes, coats, ect....they can take an average picture up a notch.

 One of the things I like most about this location is just the variety
of settings to take advantage of.  The house itself, of course, the field behind it, the fallen
trees; it has really been a great find for me.

 Fresh, clean, and beautiful....that's why I love seniors.

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